Locations in New Neverwinter

One of the things that has confounded the resettlement of New Neverwinter was the security conscious Lord Nasher Alagondar’s edict that no maps would be made of the city. This might have protected the city against agents from Luskan, but is a substantial impediment to the recolonization. The exploration teams and adventurers don’t know if an area they are interested in used to be fine residences, craft halls, tenement housing or warehouses – the only clues are the ruins themselves.

Neverwinter is laid out roughly in the shape of an eye. The long axis runs roughly east and west along the Neverwinter River. One end of the city is the harbor, and the other end is the Upland Rise, a wooded hill left as a natural park that is now overgrown and wild – nearly indistinguishable from Neverwinter Wood.

The walls of the old city were pierced by northwestern, northeastern, southwestern and southeastern gates. The were small fortress keeps at both of the eastern gates. The Neverwinter River cascades over small falls and was spanned by many small, arched, ornate bridges as it ran through the city. None of them are still intact, so crossing the Neverwinter River is an issue in most areas of the city.

The Neverwinter River bends sharply south and then north again in a smooth curve just before it empties into the Sea of Swords in the Bay of Mists, Neverwinter’s natural harbor. In this bend sits the ruins of Castle Never, the old, proud keep of the Lord Never, and the traditional home and court of the ruling lord of the city. From the circular walk around Castle Never, the three ornate bridges once radiated out across the river, reaching toward buildings on the south bank. These three main bridges in Neverwinter were the Dolphin Bridge, the Winged Wyvern Bridge, and the Sleeping Dragon Bridge. Each was intricately and passionately carved in the likeness of its namesake. The Dolphin Bridge terminated near the former House of Knowledge (what used to be the city’s main temple to Oghma). The Sleeping Dragon bridge terminates near the former Hall of Justice (what used to be the city’s lower court, guard barracks, and temple to Tyr). The Sleeping Dragon bridge has been rebuilt (though the current construction methods would surely make the original architects faint) which allows dryfoot access to the northern part of the city.

Another major city landmark, the ruins of the Cloaktower, are on the eastern side of the city where the Neverwinter River flows into the city.

The Peninsula District
The Peninsula District (or "New Neverwinter")is the southwest quadrant of Neverwinter. This area is the part of the city that is being actively resettled. A crude palisade has been erected between the ruins of buildings around the area. This palisade is always under construction, as the forces of the recolonization take the city back block by block.

The Docks
The Docks District is where the Neverwinter River drains into the Bay of Mists (so called because of the frequent mists that arise from the mixing of the warm waters of the Neverwinter River meet the cold waters of the northern Sea of Swords). There is a lively cargo business taking the recovered relics out of the city and bringing in everything the city needs to survive. The Docks are a relatively rough area, frequented by longshoremen and dockworkers and the types of people that cater to them. There are several warehouses in this area, and this is near the low-rent end of Grove Street where it crosses Seabreeze Alley and Fog Lane.

House of the Resurgent Ember
The House of the Resurgent Ember is a converted tower that was mostly undestroyed when the principals arrived here three years ago. It consists of a stoutly-walled courtyard, a two storey house and a tower that reaches another two storeys above that. Red Wizard, Content Not Found: 32032, is the current leader of the House of the Resurgent Ember.

House Chevalle
House Chevalle is a compound of buildings that probably once belonged to one of the finer lords of Neverwinter. Behind the walls are a few towers, several outbuildings, a stables, and a beautiful slate-roofed mansion. The Lady Mayor, Content Not Found: 32271, is the current leader of House Chevalle and New Neverwinter.

The Hall of Justice
In pre-spellplague times, the Hall of Justice was a temple to Tyr that housed a major city court, barracks for much of the city guard, as well as a prison. The Hall of Justice is at the foot of the recently-rebuilt Sleeping Dragon Bridge (across the Neverwinter river from the ruins of Castle Never). Much of the Hall of Justice has not survived the spellplague. Some of the accessible areas of the prison were home to a tribe of plaguetouched orcs, which was subsequently walled in to try to contain them and starve them out.

The Cloaktower
On the inland, eastern side of the ruins, where the Neverwinter River flows into the city, stands the half-collapsed ruins of the Cloaktower. In ancient times, the Cloaktower used to house a guild of powerful magi. Currently, there are pockets of active spellplague in these ruins, and it is widely known as a popular meeting place for the spellscarred that reside within the city, and some nights the faintest hints of music can be heard from the ruins.

The Blacklake District
This is an area that still has many pockets of active spellplague. However, it used to be one of the finest districts in the city, so may still contain good treasure. In ancient times, Lady Morenarra Blacklake forged trade treaties with subterranean dwarves and gnomes who brought goods through this area. This area is on the eastern side of town, near the Cloaktower.

Pine Stair
This graceful hill is crowned with an aromatic arrangement of coniferous trees that are surely a part of some ancient garden. There are a number of fine homes for New Neverwinter’s most prosperous citizens here.

Mercantile Establishments

Akra’s Laboratory – Specializes in the sale of alchemical reagents and magical components. Run by Content Not Found: akra the dragonborn sorceress. Akra is a very good potionmaker and has an impressive collection of various potions in stock. She also makes her own herbal teas and medicines. While she doesn’t make much money off of tea, she sells more tea than anything else and has a couple of cozy tables in front of her hearth so that her patrons can enjoy a cup of tea.

New Neverwinter Outfitters – This shop makes a living on buying and selling new, refurbished, and used adventuring equipment. While some of their equipment is new, much of it is not, and so they function as a rather nice pawnshop for the flux of adventurers in the city. The Outfitters doesn’t really handle antiques or strange items brought out of the ruins, they handle contemporary equipment.

Palieu’s Enchantments – This Aglarondian enchanter specializes in items that define, reinforce, channel, and permit the flow of magic. He has a variety of implements for sale and takes special orders.

Chandizan’s – Chandizan was killed field testing armor out in the ruins last year, but her son Zajli has taken over the shop. Zajli is a mastersmith and armorer. He also does a brisk buisness in transfer-enchantment rituals.

Starbright Jewelry – The Dekese family of jewlers was famous in Neverwinter before it fell. Kula Dekese is all that’s left, but he’s set up a shop and refurbishes and reforges precious metals and jewelry from the ruins. He also does very fine original work. All of the finest citizens of New Neverwinter wear his designs.

Short Rest – “Stop by a Short Rest, take a breather, and find exactly what you need!” is the saying the Waterdhavian merchant Content Not Found: 32989 proclaims. His stores (two of which are in Neverwinter, and he regularly sets out booths and kiosks in different places in town with goods of the day) are full of what adventurers would call mundane equipment, but all manner of things that common folk need to live their lives at prices which are surprisingly low. He also offers lower quality arms, armor, clothing, and other goods to the degree that lesser merchants have trouble staying in business. The owner has a zealous desire to own property, and some lament that before long there will be a Short Rest across the street from another Short Rest…

Crafty Kobold Delvewerks – This franchise of the famous Crafty Kobold Salvage Company is mainly a transshipment and collection point for good brought out of the ruins of Neverwinter. The finds are sorted, evaluated, cleaned and repaired then sent back to the home office in Eastrift. It’s run by Daglar Boltsmelter, a cousin to Divhon Boltsmelter, who runs the home office. Crafty Kobold Delvewerks is a modest one-story stone building, totally unremarkable save for a large mural of a prone kobold, his tiny hands outstretched towards a glowing Neverwinter Lantern. A dwarven warhammer is smashing his head, forever denying him the prize he seeks. Double doors wide enough to accommodate a large wagon sit directly beneath the mural. There is a smaller, dwarf-sized door to the right of the main doors. Inside, the warehouse is filled with large piles of assorted goods. Inside, dwarf and human workers are generally cleaning, sorting, and arranging various items including construction supplies, blacksmith’s tools, and various trade goods.

Grove Lane

Grove Lane is home to most of the entertainments and culture in New Neverwinter (in as much as there is culture or entertainment in New Neverwinter). It runs from west to east from the docks through nearly half of the Peninsula District. The western end (nearest the docks) is fairly rough but the quality of the rooming-houses, brothels, bars, taverns, cabarets, dining-halls, alehouses, beer gardens, bistros, cantinas, public houses, rathskellers, saloons, taprooms, and watering holes varies and approaches respectable levels further inland. These establishments cater to two main clienteles. The first is the soldiers that guard the city and sailors on shore leave. The second clientele is the adventuring types that make up the bulk of the population – people who face horrible risks every day to bring priceless relics out of the ruins. Therefore, the establishments on Grove Lane tend to be either lower class dumps or quite expensive, without a lot of middle ground.

Seedy Dives

The Bilge Rat Tavern

The Bilge Rat Tavern is a grimy tavern on the newly-constructed docks. It caters to whatever sea trade can make it’s way through to the city. The construction a is haphazard amalgamation of found materials to connect the ruins of three narrow houses that once shared common walls. Content Not Found: 32039 is the innkeep, though is he ably assisted by a crew of greasy serving wenches that are tougher than Calimshan camel-leather. The Bilge Rat, despite it’s unsavory reputation, has quite savory provender, including deliciously spicy turtle chowder, a variety of fish dishes (from whatever has been caught today), and enough grog and ale to keep the patrons satisfied.

The Troll and Trollops Taphouse
This place gets it’s name from the troll-skull that adorns the back wall of the establishment and the ladies that run it. It’s a good place for a shady game of cards or dice, because the scenery is likely to distract the players. Run by Content Not Found: 33357.

The Crow’s Nest

Another establishment that caters to sailors, but one known to be much safer and cleaner than The Bilge Rat. They try to have live music when possible. The Crow’s Nest is well known for the dominoes tournaments that are held monthly.

Howling Harpy Hostelry

This establishment provides some of the rowdiest entertainment in New Neverwinter. Fights are common, though some of them are scheduled events so that the house can make some money by selling odds on the combatants, and have gotten to be quite the event when locals who have trained at Content Not Found: 32992’s enter the fray. This establishment has many guest rooms for reasonable prices.

Others: The Dragon’s Flagon, Iron Wharf Resthouse, The Broken Wheel Taproom, The Bloody Hand Pub, The Blue Lightning Saloon

High-Class Establishments

The Two Moons Guesthouse

This lovely inn and rooming-house gets it’s name from the reflecting pool in the courtyard that is designed to specifically frame the reflection of the full moon. The Two Moons has particularly lovely grounds where an ancient garden has been reclaimed from the rubble.

The Copper Armory Brewery

This establishment is the largest brewery in New Neverwinter (named for the brightly polished copper brewkettles that were made out of armor recovered from the ruins). Although it’s tough to get the raw ingredients for beer, the Armory brews a variety of very good beers that are distributed throughout the city.

The Sanctuary Inn

The Sanctuary is a combination of library, discussion hall, and guest-house. The literati of New Neverwinter meet here for very fine drinks and some of the finest conversation in the city. Any bard that is trying to make money is trying to get an engagement here.

The Welcoming Iris
This establishment does serve fine food and drink imported from all over Faerûn, but it’s primary claim to fame is the variety of very lovely and very friendly servers, and the wide variety of exotic drinks available. The Waterdhavian tieflings that run the place are quite discreet but charge steep rates. It is rumored that they are all members of a Waterdhavian criminal organization, but that has not stopped business from being profitable. They have been known to offer high prices for relics of old Neverwinter, especially from the ruins of the Moonstone Mask.

Delilah’s Lantern

Delilah’s Lantern (mockingly called the ‘D-light’) is one of the finest dining establishments in New Neverwinter. The food is delightful, the service is exquisite, and the prices are legendary. The decor is a selection of relics that have been brought out of the ruins of Neverwinter. The owner (Delilah) has a fondness for the famous rainbow glass Neverwinter lanterns, and will pay top prices for good specimens.

The Waterclock Teahouse

The Waterclock Teahouse was set up in a crafthall that was used to build waterclocks. The building has been lovingly restored and has a clever system of decorative fountains and water-gadgets inside. The Teahouse actually serves meals all day and has a small number of guestrooms and meeting rooms.

Others: The Marquis and the Magus, Aurelia’s Wine Cellar, The Shield of the River Hall

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Locations in New Neverwinter

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