Dbrain's PFS Roster

Phat Lewts from the Kobold Camp

a bit of payback

Valuables recovered from the kobold encampment:

*An iron bastard sword with a stylized dragon-head pommel; Iluskan runes along the blade spell out its name (+2 bastard sword)

*A bearskin cloak that seems to be a wellspring of primal vitality (+1 cloak of the chirurgeon)

*A large pair of sealskin boots that allow for sudden reversals of momentum (boots of adept charging)

*A large ruby carved in the shape of a reptilian eye (worth 100 gp, and useable as a ritual focus)

*300 gp worth of alchemical reagents (ritual components for Arcana)

*200 gp worth of rare herbs (ritual components for Nature)

*100 gp worth of complex unguents (ritual components for Heal)

*3 small clay jars of restorative elixirs (potions of healing)

*a small glass jar of a protective elixir (potion of fire resistance)

*2 chunks of ice that refuse to melt (frozen whetstones)

*3 clay pots containing volatile liquids (alchemist’s fire)

*2 clay pots containing thick glue (tanglefoot bags)

*11 corroded bronze plates covered with engravings in ancient Draconic; a few portions have been restored and can be used as ritual books for Magic Mouth, Eye of Alarm, and Brew Potion

*a small pouch of rough diamonds worth about 500 gp

*roughly 200 gp in mixed coin



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